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Fuxico art at Atelier da Claudia - adding a colorful charming to Claudia's adorable chicken.

Updated: Jun 25, 2018

Increase well-being and mental health by using this wonderful craft as a therapy.

Fuxico is a low cost craft that adds lots colors and versatility to handmade art.

The story of the fuxico art can only be understood if we go back in time and visit the curiosities about weaving and manual work in Brazil. Check it out !!!

Fuxico is one of the most traditional arts in Brazil, existing for more than 150 years.

Many stories are told about fuxico. One of them would have arisen in colonial times, in the northeast of Brazil, due to the need that the slaves had to reuse the pieces of the fabrics of the Portuguese royal family, since at the time, fabric was a luxury.

The slaves reused the rejected or old pieces given by the royal family, cut the fabric in small circles and using a needle-like spike of bamboo sharpened by a knife, they connected the center forming small bundles.

These slaves used to meet during the night in the senzala to make the little bundles while talking about the royal family ladies' dresses, praising or mocking them. Since fuxico in Portuguese is a synonym of gossip, this is how this art was named. After gathering enough units of fuxico, the little bundles were then turned into blankets.

Over time, the fuxico art became an activity restricted to women from the interior of the northeast with low income, still with the purpose of reusing the patchwork.

The traditional fuxico is totally handmade and each one has its personality, because it is individually made.

Like all handcrafted art, Fuxico is a great therapeutic practice against stress that increases well-being and tranquility .

So let's fuxify !!!!!!


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